18 Week Program

A proven at-home program that strengthens and rebuilds the foundation of your relationship.

Week 1 : Preparing for Success

This week we will learn how to make the most of the program through two lessons: Preparing for Success and Our Relationship at a Glance. 
2.5 Hours.

Week 2 : Setting Intentions

This week we will make sure we’re setting good intentions for the coming weeks through two lessons: Setting Relationship Goals and Daily Emotional Check-In.
1.5 – 2.5 Hours

Week 3 : Upbringing

This week we will dive into your upbringing and see how it’s impacting your current relationship in this weeks lesson. 
2 Hours

Week 4 : Attachment Style

 This week we will review your attachment style in lesson 6 – Attachment Style and Differentiation.
1 Hour

Week 5 : Begin Communication Series

This week we will learn how to better communicate through two lessons: Code Word and Active Listening and Vulnerability. 
2 Hours

Week 6 : Cont. Communication Series

This week we will learn how to understand our partners triggers. 
2 – 2.5 Hours

Week 7 : Cont. Communication Series

This week we will learn how to understand Content VS Process & Resignation VS Acceptance
1.5 Hours

Week 8 : Midway Check-In

Let’s check in to see the progress we have made thus far in the program. 
1 Hour

Week 9 : Healthy Self

In this week’s lesson we will learn how build a healthy sense of self.
45 Minutes – 1 Hour

Week 10 : Healthy Boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries. So, in this week’s lesson we help you understand how to have healthy boundaries in your relationship.
1 Hour

Week 11 : Begin Intimacy Series

The topic we’ve all been waiting for.. let’s talk about sex. 
1 Hour

Tarah & EJ Kerwin


Tarah received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She began her career in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT 47208) working with individuals, couples, and families who were in a crisis.

EJ received his Master’s degree in Counseling and worked in residential and outpatient centers. A large part of EJ’s clinical work focuses on helping others increase awareness around behavioral and cognitive patterns that create obstacles in their life. 

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