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Structured, proven online programs:

Relationship Renovation at Home guides you to reconnect to your partner, improve your intimacy, fight less, love more, break through your most stubborn issues, and learn the tools and methods that therapists use again and again. Growth is guaranteed.

Sign up + Lesson 1

On day 1 you will set up your account, and gain access to all of your course materials.

The first lesson includes a contract you will write to keep you motivated and accountable.

You’ll set a weekly time to work through the course materials.

Complete the Lessons

On your own time, you will complete the lessons designed to help you open your heart up to love.

Each lesson includes a video (led by licensed couples therapists) and complementing exercises.

You’ll reflect on areas you need to work on as well as  learn critical relationship management strategies.

Watch Your Heart Open

you’ll know what it takes for a lifelong, joyful relationship and how to get there.

You’ll break through issues that you have struggled with and you’ll discover how to navigate the ups and the downs that every couple faces.

You’ll feel more love and acceptance.



Therapist-led insight, time-tested expert advice, tools, systems, videos, worksheets, and support

22 lessons, following a structured process:

  • Each lesson begins with a video where you learn about the lesson topic. The video prepares you for the activities that follow
  • Each lesson has one or two activities that guide you to engage with each other
  • Every week the next lesson builds on the last, purposefully preparing you for challenging conversations ahead


Support and staying accountable:

  • Access to our closed Facebook group allows you to share and learn lessons from other couples like you
  • Your journey is led by Tarah and EJ Kerwin, licensed therapists and owners of the He Said, She Said practice.
  • Direct access to Tarah and EJ Kerwin and the team through Facebook.
  • Lifetime-access via downloadable course content
  • Online and offline access to course content

Start transforming yourself and your relationship today!


Success Stories

Every relationship goes through challenges. 99.9% of couples that learn the tools and methods that work in a harmonious relationship, make it.

Join Hundreds of Couples Who Have Revitalized Their Relationships

Relationship Renovation got us through.

We were worried if our relationship would make it through the tough times. I am so thankful for this program. What we got out of it was priceless.

We really reconnected in the best way.

Our relationship was a source of major stress, but now we are stronger than ever. It feels amazing to be able to turn towards each other again.

RR @ Home is amazing for what it does

My husband and I were able to really take the time to understand each other, and our relationship has become much less stressful since completing the program.