10 Week Program

An online course designed to walk you through a healing process and prepare you for your next relationship.

Week 1 : My Attachment History

This week we will learn why you react the way you do through two exercise: Attachment Questionnaire

Week 2 : Understanding my Attachment Style

This week we will review your attachment style in the exercise – Attachment Style Questiontions.

Week 3 : Past Relationship and Baggage I Carry

This week will open up your baggage and explore its contents by reviewing your relationship timeline.

Week 4 : Understanding Triggers

This week you will examine your triggers and discuss ways to identify and become more skillful in understanding and communicating when they happen.

Week 5 : Building a Healthy Sense of Self

This week you begin to take an honest inventory of your current feelings about yourself and your desirability.

Week 6 : Codependence versus Interdependence

This week explores codependent traits that could wreak havoc in a relationship and build that awareness and ability to bring your best self forward. 

Week 7 : Developing Healthy Boundaries

This week we discover what your boundaries are and how you can communicate these to your partner in a healthy way. 

Week 8 : Identifying Red Flags

This week we learn how to trust your intuition and use both logic & intuition in your relationship decisions

Week 9 : Vulnerability Surrender and Letting Go

In this week’s lesson, we help you better understand what it means to be vulnerable and what challenges you may face in staying open-hearted during challenging moments.

Week 10 : Visualizing my Ideal Relationship

It’s important to get the essence of how you want to feel in the relationship. So, in this week’s lesson, we define what qualities, core beliefs, and the feelings you want from your future partner

Tarah Kerwin & Jessie Krall


Tarah received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 2004. She began her career in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT 47208) working in private practice specializing in couples counseling. Tarah moved to Arizona in 2010 and founded He Said She Said Couples Counseling Practice alongside her husband E.J. Kerwin. Tarah & E.J. are passionate about supporting couples in developing meaningful relationships and have developed a podcast, social media programs, and a 12-week Relationship Renovation program that has impacted hundreds of couples.

Jessie has worked with individuals, groups, families, and couples in both residential and outpatient settings. Her specialties include addictions, mood disorders, and trauma. Jessie believes in the connection between body, mind, spirit, and heart. She helps couples and individuals utilize mindfulness to identify body sensations, feelings, and thoughts and effectively communicate their experiences. Jessie believes that slowing down and pausing are two superpowers in a relationship and that with practice, anyone can use these superpowers. Jessie has a person-centered approach to therapy and strives to be warm, kind, and loving with a good sense of humor during sessions. Jessie is a person that believes she must “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk” – she lives her life consciously and intentionally and also shows up to her marriage in the same way.

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